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Again This Year, SMM Wins “WeCare: Most Caring Companies Award 2021” from HR Asia

Another delighted news for us! Sinar Mas Mining honored and sincerely grateful to be receiving such a prestigious award "WeCare: Most Caring Companies Award 2021" from HR Asia Award, alongside "Best Companies to Work for in Asia 2021".

Two factors that stand out more important than ever in employee engagement during this unprecedented time are:



Empathy is the ability to perceive and relate to the thoughts, emotions, or experiences of others. Those with high levels of empathy are skilled at understanding a situation from another person’s perspective and reacting with compassion.

According to HR Asia, in times of crisis such as the current pandemic, employees do not just stay with companies that demonstrate empathy and care, but would actively advocate this value to their peers and the industry.

Moreover, this award was made to recognize companies that have demonstrated empathy and care as part of the organization’s DNA and workplace excellence in this transformation. Sinar Mas Mining always believe that putting empathy and care at the first place will return many positive impacts.

For these awards and appreciations, Sinar Mas Mining would like to thank the HR Asia Award committee for the appreciation over the past few years. And especially for Sinar Mas Mining employees and stakeholders, we would also like to thank for your collective efforts, hard work and trust to the company. Once again, we present this award to you!

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