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Be a Champion at Work: Small Tips for Sustaining Motivation During Hard Times

By: Maura Keiza Luana

Picture source: HRZone

In the world of work, there are moments when you may experience an overwhelming feeling of exhaustion or a feeling of yearning for accomplishments. During such times, maintaining motivation and productivity becomes challenging. These situations can arise due to several factors, including communication issues at work, lack of recognition, an excessive amount of tasks, and more. Moreover, it can be discouraging to witness other people’s achievements, whether through social media or around your surroundings. It can be distressing when you have previously achieved such rewards and are presently longing for one right now but are experiencing stress.

If you find yourself in such situations, here are some helpful tips that can help you to get through a tough time at work.

1. Be grateful for the things that went successful (even the smallest ones)

Whenever you feel like you haven’t achieved something significant, remember that work-life is like a bicycle ride, with moments of triumph and moments of struggle. Attaining remarkable achievements isn’t easy and is not a daily occurrence. The saying that “it’s the little things that count” is true. Instead of stressing too much about major achievements, start by focusing on the things that went successful, even the littlest things. These could include completing a task or project, delivering a great presentation, or effectively communicating with other people. Recognizing these little things can help build your spirits up to do something bigger and may win something greater in the future. It can make you feel proud, can boost your confidence, and inspire you to attempt more accomplishments.

2. Let others’ succession inspire you

As mentioned earlier, witnessing the accomplishments of others through social media and the people in your surroundings can be distressing. However, it’s important to shift your perspective and perceive others’ successes as a source of inspiration for yourself. Instead of feeling discouraged, believe that you can also do it. Consider reaching out to these individuals and ask how can they achieve that achievement, you can use their story and strategy as a reason to work harder and better in the future. Believe in yourself and your ability to achieve similar achievements to others.

3. Talk to someone

Other than doing tasks and projects at work, it is also essential to build relationships along the way. Engaging in conversations with your colleagues doesn’t only help build strong collaboration and teamwork, but also builds a foundation of trust and support. You can share each others’ opinions, can inspire one another, and share insights. You can seek assistance from them and talk about what you’re facing right now. Furthermore, having friends can enhance your productivity by making the work experience more enjoyable. You can become more motivated to achieve the goals you want to achieve.

4. Include self-care in your schedule

Making journals can greatly assist you in being committed and organized in doing the work that you need to do. Including self-care activities within these journals is crucial as well. This may include eating a nutritious breakfast, engaging in meditation, taking refreshing walks or breaks, etc. These activities can help boost your energy level, can help reduce anxiety and stress, and bolster productivity. Consequently, they enable you to allocate sufficient time, refresh your day, and create motivation in doing your work. This approach prevents you from feeling overwhelmed and helps you to work more efficiently.

By implementing these tips and practices, you can significantly enhance your motivation. You have to remember that one of the keys to achieving success is by maintaining a strong sense of drive or push. So, why delay any further? Start now, as you can still regain your motivation back and gather the time needed to achieve something remarkable and meaningful in the near future!

Source: Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Next Up is Now

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