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Congratulations to PT BIB for Winning the ASEAN Level “CSR Best Practice” Award

PT Borneo Indobara (BIB) once again invokes pride as they bring home another award, this time an Asean Level "CSR Best Practice" Award from the Asean Energy Awards 2023. The theme of the awards revolves around "Building Coalition with Stakeholders for Sustainability Development".

The awarding event was attended by Bonifasius Huang (President Director PT Golden Energy Mines Tbk), Adrian Erlangga (Vice President Commissioner of PT Golden Energy Mines Tbk), and Dindin Makinudin (General Manager CSR PT BIB). We hope that with this achievement, PT BIB will continue to strive for excellence within the field of CSR to better the company as well as the community and environment as a whole.

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