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ERT GEMS Sumatra Take a Part on ERT Goes to School by the 1st SFRC 2024

We understand the need for basic first-aid knowledge in the event of an accident or fire. This basic knowledge must be disseminated to raise an understanding of how to deal with accidents or flames before expert aid comes.

As a result, ERT Goes to School is one of the events scheduled for the 1st Sumatra Fire & Rescue Challenge (SFRC) 2024. The ERT GEMS Sumatra and other SFRC competition contestants visited schools in Tanjung Enim, South Sumatra, to deliver education on fundamental information and basic handling methods for accidents or fires that occurred nearby.

We hope that this exercise continues to pique students' interest in the need for safety in all of their activities, as well as being brave and capable of assisting others in an accident or fire.

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