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Experience the Festive Season with Mindfulness

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Mindfulness is a way to be open and aware of what is happening at the moment—being present both internally and externally. In the context of the holiday, bring some holiday cheer back into the picture and share how the importance of staying present this time of year can translate into mindfulness on the road. Reuniting with family and friends, doing things that usually can't be done while busy working, and taking time away from technology can allow us the space to reconnect with our loved ones around us

Mindfulness has been shown to improve relationship satisfaction, reduce stress in relationships, and increase empathy. Because Presence matters over the presents. Human interaction is a more significant expression of love than receiving material items, like presents. Find time throughout your day to unplug from your phone and tune into the people around you and yourself.

Here are a few tips to make you stay mindful and enjoy your holiday with the loves of your life:

1. Done All Your To-Do List Before the Holiday

This is the important thing. You have to start prioritizing your workload earlier, recognizing you’ll never get everything done. Don’t forget to tell your workmates you will be away for a while. Ask them if there is anything they need before you leave. Try to complete all the work related to your workmates

2. Take care of others

Focus on your loved ones and the people around you. When we take care of other people, we cut the cycle of self-directed rumination, and we begin to create new pathways in our minds. Taking care of others removes their stress and shows our mind evidence of a stress-free world. When you're doing good, you can feel good.

3. Find a Moment for Yourself

During particularly stressful stretches of time, it’s important to commit to taking care of ourselves and our minds. "Self-care is not selfish because when you feel good, it's not just you you're affecting; it's every person you come in contact with" they said. We might try to practice self-care during the holidays such as finding short periods of time to sit quietly, do our hobby, care for the body, make room for all types of feelings, don’t push ourselves too hard, and practice letting go of expectations.

4. Open, Listen, and Connect with Others

This goes hand in hand with helping others, and it might even help someone who is also experiencing anxiety during the holidays. By being attentive and receptive to the people around you, you can increase your ability to connect. Thus, awareness is key. Listening actively when others talk, noticing body language, and taking the extra step to check in with others can create the space for others to get the support they may need and for which they might not know how to ask. That's because you can work together to help each other overcome whatever obstacles there are.

5. Restart Your Mindset

It's not surprising that picturing the best outcome instead of the worst is better for your stress and anxiety, especially in social situations. Spend time imagining that things go really well for you socially, free of anxiety. This can help you feel empowered and less alone. Let go of old habits or patterns that might be holding you back. This opens the possibility of a new experience in your interactions and can reduce feelings like frustration or boredom for you.


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