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Holiday End is Near, Engage Your Team in A Fun Way to Kick Off The Day

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The Eid holiday is nearly over. We'll be back to business in a matter of hours. However, the sense of not being ready to return to our activities productively after a long vacation frequently plagues us and can even cause us to miss out on our final moments on vacation.

Consider these tips for a smooth return-to-work after the holidays:

Make an Icebreaker

The first ten minutes should be used as a social mixer or icebreaker. Inquiring about your team's well-being and beginning meetings with an icebreaker and some small conversation can do wonders for your connection. For example, everyone could be asked to share one fascinating thing they did over the holiday season.

Have Some Food Fun

You may have skipped a full meal in order to attend the early morning meeting, but this entertaining food game will satisfy your rumbling tummy.

Ask one team member to bring a new and different type of bread to each meeting (you must ask them ahead of time). Rotate this responsibility among the group members. You might even cast your vote for the best "bread winner" of the month.

Try a virtual pizza party or enjoying a meal with the team whether it's one team member's breakfast and another team member's dinner time. Eating at the meeting might lead to intriguing talks and make your discussions more light and welcoming.

Try A Crazy Location

This will offer a playful aspect and revive uniqueness. Instead of "Conference Room #5", use "Picnic Table #2" behind the office building, or a nearby coffee shop. It's incredible what a simple shift in location can accomplish for your team's productivity and creativity.

Even mobile game producer "Genera Games" can provide you with a unique meeting site suggestion. They hold their meetings on the basketball court, where they shoot hoops and brainstorm while playing a fast pick-up game. This improves team spirit and cohesion while also providing an energy boost to team members.

If you work on a remote team, challenge your team members to go to the same type of location, such as a Tim Hortons, or a more broad criterion, such as a nearby coffee shop. This may even assist your remote workers get out of the house and think clearly by changing their surroundings. It could also allow remote workers to find a local venue to share with the rest of the team at your meeting.

Source: Time Doctor

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