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In the Head of Training: ERT GEMS Sumatra Preparing for the 1st SFRC

The Sumatra Fire Rescue Challenge (SFRC) is just around the corner! ERT GEMS Sumatra continues to train to prepare team strength for this prestigious fire rescue competition.

This collaborative training between PT Barasentosa Lestari (BSL), PT Kuansing Inti Makmur (KIM) and our business units in Sumatra, took place at the KIM Training Center, they repeated the exercises of Structural Fire Fighting, Water Rescue, Firefighter Competency Test, and Firefighter Fitness Drill to become more reliable and understand the intricacies of each challenge that will be contested later.

ERT GEMS Sumatra is positive, eager, and never gives up on giving their all at the first SFRC 2023.

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