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Inaugural TechConnect 5K Fun Run 2024: Turning Miles into Hundreds of Smiles

Written by: Anastasia Cahyadi - Community Engagement at TechConnect

Last Sunday, May 19th, 2024, the TechConnect Runner Club, a public running club that aims to promote a healthy lifestyle within and beyond, kicked off its first 5K Fun Run. This inaugural event was conceived with the big idea of uniting passionate runners across our business units and the broader running community. As a result, almost 1000 runners from internal and external, laced up their shoes at the starting line, which was held at the Sinar Mas MSIG Tower. 

The enthusiasm also filled the air as our Chief Human Resource Officer, Swasono Satyo, gave an inaugural opening and motivation to all runners. 

This event is more than just a competition; it symbolizes our drive for excellence and our belief in contributing to the community, society, and country. It's important to remember that this race isn't just about crossing the finish line but about the journey we take together. It's an opportunity to challenge ourselves, support each other, and celebrate our collective spirit.” - Swasono Satyo, CHRO of TechConnect.

The "Fun Run" vibes were further enhanced by various entertainment options, door prizes, and engaging activities at stalls.

“Cool, the event was a success! After the run, a complete free meal and refreshment was provided. There was also a special medical check up, HRV test, and a health talk about maintaining both physical and mental health, which was really good! Awesome stuff!” Ari Abdya, FWA Product Management at Smartfren.

The enthusiasm also came from one of the external participants, Nursanti Syamsiana “The event was luxurious and the refreshments were very complete. There was also music and door prizes, very fun & entertaining. Wishing continued success and progress throughout time. The best free running event this year, sending lots of love”. 

Yet, amidst the festivities, a deeper connection to wellness awaited. Participants were treated to an enlightening health talk delivered by esteemed experts in their respective fields. A distinguished panel, including a general practitioner from Eka Hospital, a psychiatrist from the Kemenkes RS Soeharto Heerdjan, and a seasoned sports trainer from Mufit, delved into the theme "Life, Body, and Soul Connectivity: Exploring the Role of Physical Activity in Stress Reduction and Enhancing Mental Well-being."

These thought-provoking discussions provided invaluable insights into the profound impact of physical activity on stress reduction and mental well-being, equipping participants with the knowledge and motivation needed to embark on their 5K journey with renewed vigor and purpose.

The inaugural TechConnect 5K Fun Run epitomized more than just a race—it embodied TechConnect's unwavering commitment to fostering a culture of wellness, unity, and community engagement. As the day drew to a close and participants crossed the finish line, their faces adorned with smiles of accomplishment, it marked not only the culmination of a successful event but also the beginning of an ongoing journey toward optimal well-being for all involved.

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