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Indobara Smart Services (iServe) Latest Digital Transformation Journey in PT Borneo Indobara

Indobara Smart Services (iServe) is the latest Digital Transformation Journey in PT Borneo Indobara from General Affairs.

It proves that the COMPANY is fully committed to all positive breakthrough in achieving business efficiency as well as business robustness in supporting core functions and dynamic operations.

For time being, iServe has provided 4 core modules, these are Unit & Fuel Management, Meal Management, Visit Management, and GA Care. In the near future, product is continously evolved according to advancement of business such as Meeting Room Reservation, ATK Inventory Management, e-Car Pass (Personal Owned Vehicle), The Eye (Fleet Management System for LV), e-Mailing Room, and many more. It will continuously create unique experience in digital transformation journey.

While PT Borneo Indobara also believes that without prime support of Supporting Functions, then the Robust Core Functions is just fairy tale.

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