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PT Borneo Indobara Introducing 'Si Cantik' (Sistem Camera Analitik)

In our commitment to bolster and oversee workplace safety, PT Borneo Indobara (BIB) has implemented cutting-edge Camera Analytics Technology to create a more effective & efficient way of safety driving surveillance along our hauling roads. This innovative system harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to safeguard drivers against potential accidents.

Introducing 'SiCantik' (Sistem Camera Analitik/The Analytical Camera System), a seamless integration of advanced camera technology and AI. Independently developed by BIB Safety Team and DigiTech (Digital & Technology Solution).

Operating round the clock, SiCantik stands as a brilliant solution to elevate workplace safety standards. Should any breaches be detected, SiCantik promptly transmits real-time reports to our on-site supervisors.

Solution for a safer and more secure work environment!

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