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Put a Sense of Humor into Your Leadership Style

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Being a good leader means having common traits such as determination, humility, and self-confidence. But not just that, having a sense of humor is also one of the keys to being a great leader. Although a leader must lead seriously, that does not mean taking ourselves too seriously. Leaders can also insert a sense of humor into their leadership style, so they can enter all circles and work well with their subordinates. Having a sense of humor can also make a leader better and more fashionable.

A scientist at Stanford states that leaders can often use humor to build stronger relationships with their teams. This approach also helps to foster creativity and resilience among all involved in the workplace. Humor brings laughter, and laughter accelerates feelings of trust, closeness, and comfort.

When a person laughs, their brains release hormones - endorphins and dopamine - a brief state of extreme joy and excitement. It is this chemical reaction in your brain that makes you feel attached to other people. Especially when someone leads by incorporating a sense of humor, surely the messages, ideas conveyed, and the connection that occurs will be better.

Quoting from the Harvard Business Review blog, findings show that leaders with a sense of humor are seen as 27% more admirable and motivating than those who don't joke. Their employees are 15% more engaged and committed, and their teams are twice as likely to solve creative challenges.

Slipping a little humor into your leadership style doesn't make your employees lose respect for you, doesn't make you lose authority, doesn't make you look negative, nor does it mean you do not take leadership seriously. You can still limit the humor that you apply in leading. Know your limits, know when to insert humor or joy, and when to act decisively like a leader in general.

So, which leadership style are you? Do you have a sense of humor or strict rules?


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