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Sinar Mas Mining is Now TechConnect!

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

From globalization to digitization, automation to Web 3.0, we are seeing a vast and rapid advancement in the fields of technology, economy and communications, all areas that Sinar Mas Mining regards with significance. With online connectivity becoming more accessible to people around the world, it becomes more important for businesses to be able to convey themselves with a clear and concise brand image. This is why, in order to maintain relevance at the turn of the decade, Sinar Mas Mining will be re-establishing itself with a new identity known as TechConnect.

Originating from our roots as Sinar Mas Mining, our business goes by the main principle of “Great Company, Great People, Great Job, Great Reward.” People are at the core of everything we do. Not only is our focus on creating shareholder value, we aim for our actions to have a meaningful impact on society, recognize potential and invest in creating leaders, and lead technology innovation. As a company, we seek to become a world-renowned technology-based group of companies focusing on energy and financial services.

To achieve this, TechConnect aims to reinvent its direction and goals by honing in on a new target audience and making the brand stand out by communicating a clear vision and brand identity which focuses on all the ways we can use technology to achieve greater things together. As such, this is how TechConnect came to be - a company that aims to connect people through technology.

If you’ve been keeping up with our updates, you may have noticed some holistic innovations we’ve already set into motion. Some of these include revamping our social media and website visual identity, utilization of digital tools such as Tableau for data visualization, for SEO/keywords finding, Google ads, and more.

In addition to those, we held campaigns and event programs like Techconnect Hackathon, Tech Hiring Week, “Pulang Kampung” Program, Webinar and Campus Roadshow, Communities engagement, TechConnect Ambassador Program, and even built TechConnect Academy and TechConnect Innovation Center as a gathering hub for communities involved with STEM and Fintech. In order to further convey our brand, we utilize numerous communication channels that are continuously changing and expanding with the times.

Another thing we have done to establish the TechConnect brand is by ensuring good brand hygiene, a high bar for content across social and digital channels, revamping our website, and building a narrative for public relations.

We hope that as TechConnect continues to establish itself, we can continue to maintain our principles as a company while remaining future-ready and adaptive to the changing times

That would be all from us at the moment. We hope these explanations clarify.

Thank you and visit us on:

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