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Sinar Mas Mining Wins 2 Categories at the HR Excellence SWA Award 2021

Jakarta, July 16, 2021 – Sinar Mas Mining wins two categories from HR Excellence Award 2021 presented by SWA Magazine in collaborated LM FEB UI. These two categories are:

Talent Acquisition (AA) fordisplaying innovative and effective talent acquisition strategies that not only help fill vacancies but focus on long-term workforce strategy and manpower planning across business units.

HR Digitalization & People Analytic (AA) for being excellence in a customized employee experience that meets the needs of the workforce through multiple digital platforms.

The awards show was first established in 2012 to provide an incubator platform for HR teams to showcase their HR strategies and initiatives. Over the years, the show has evolved from showcasing to a benchmarking practice across industries.

Fundamentally, the ideology underpinning the awards remains the same: Honouring best-in-class HR teams and individuals for their spectacular work executed across the entire HR function. It aims to bring together talented HR professionals as one force to champion the way forward.

This is also the region’s only HR awards that is peer-reviewed by a jury of esteemed HR practitioners.

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