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Supporting Reducing Emissions, PT. Borneo Indobara (BIB) has Signed a Renewable Energy Certificate

PT Borneo Indobara (BIB) is committed to participating in reducing emissions and executes these commitments by adopting a Renewable Energy Certificate for operations at Port Bunati, South Kalimantan. Using the Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) means that BIB uses electricity from PLN's environmentally friendly generators. South Kalimantan houses a renewable energy-based generator in the region, namely the Riam Kanan Hydropower.

REC is an attribute that represents every MWh of electricity produced from a renewable energy generator. 1 REC unit is equivalent to 1 MWh generated from a PLN renewable energy power plant that has been registered on the tracking system.

REC facilitates BIB to realize its commitment to increasing the use of renewable energy-based energy. Currently, the use of electricity in the Bunati Port area of 6MW has been certified as 100% supplied from PLN's renewable energy-based generators and has also used PLTS with a total capacity of 230 KWP in the Angsana & Kusan Office area. Furthermore, BIB will expand PLN's supply to the mining areas, Kusan and Girimulya, as well as ports, and encourage the adoption of REC through inviting our partners to use renewable energy.

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