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The Happy Workday Blueprint: How to Attain It For Your Career Success

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Staying happy at work is important to maintain efficiency at work. These factors, specific to each professional, can range from the relationships you develop with colleagues, to the development of your skills or the feeling of satisfaction from the work itself. Whether it's one of these or a combination of these, it's important to develop the things that make you happy at work to help offset other negative employee experiences, like politics at the office and lacking motivation. Adapting to Covid-19 working conditions has forced us to change the way we seek happiness at work. For most people working remotely, with varying schedules and limited resources, it has become more difficult to connect with colleagues, access onsite resources, and feel successful.

But that doesn't mean you can't find joy working outside the office, in your free time, improvising with what you have. Here's how to be happy at work to succeed in your career:

1. Friends that benefit

One of the hallmarks of a positive work experience is creating connections with the people you work with. Feeling appreciated and understood by even just one person you work with can greatly increase your daily happiness at work. For some, fostering good relationships in the workplace may be as simple as encouragement and support, but for others, like Bryan Huang, senior producer at Yahoo TV , building a spirit of solidarity is essential to coordinating the complex projects on which they work. These strong support systems are the glue that maintains happiness at work: not only will your co-workers probably get along with you better than most, but they'll also be like a family away from home.

2. Delight in development

Happiness at work can also be measured by career development. This requires a nurturing environment and resources to prepare employees for success through benefits, training or by encouraging good work habits. Creating a culture that emphasizes employee happiness is important to professionals. Maintaining a positive office culture can be difficult when working remotely, but many companies continue to maintain morale through unique initiatives. A focus on employee wellbeing and development not only provides a company with a passionate workforce but also adds value to employee self-esteem.

3. Pleasure in purpose

Meaningful and purposeful work is another source of happiness at work. Having a clear vision of your career goals is a start, but the value you bring to achieving them is even more important. When it comes to your passion, you no longer think of it as work but as a result of your investment. Other factors, such as being included in important discussions, can help you develop your sense of purpose and motivation. Show that if you feel what you do is meaningful, you will always find a way to do it. Your professional life is an important part of life, and life is too short to not be happy.

Source: my careers future

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