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Three Ways to Keep Your Team Spirit Up

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Working from home can sometimes be boring, because you can’t share ideas or discuss directly with your colleagues. For those who are working parents, they also have to work while taking care of the children and the house. This of course takes up a lot of energy and can make them feel tired.

As a leader, it’s part of your responsibility to notice what’s going on for your team and yourself especially in the current times. To do that, pay attention to the following three things to keep the team optimistic and enthusiastic.

1. Pay attention to each team member

Ask what your team members are going through, either at work or at home. Show them your concern for their well-being. This is also supported by the research from University of Washington which stated communicating your compassion has the potential to change burnt-out employees' self-perceptions and restore their self-esteem, belonging, and even self-control.

2. Schedule a one-on-one session.

A research from University of Georgia found that "employees who have high-quality relationships with their supervisors and those who receive better mentoring support socialize better, experience less role stress, and subsequently experience less burnout." This personal bond helps withstand a lot of pressure. Take your time to have discussions that focus on shared missions and values ​​as well as individual career goals. That way, you and your team members can understand each other and get to know each other better.

3. Provide replenishment of depleted personal resources.

Start by acknowledging the load your team members are carrying. Help them out of their predicament by sharing your experience with them

Try to understand the challenges and difficulties faced by your team members. Be someone who can always listen and do these three steps to see new breakthroughs in your team!

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