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Unlocking Joyful Work: What Happiness at Work Really Means to Some of Our Troops

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Only 3 days to go until the International Week of Happiness at Work starts! The initiative focuses on the important role happiness plays in the lives of people around the world, and there’s no better place to start spreading happiness than in a work environment.

Employees spend a lot of time in the workplace and therefore ultimately need to be happy at work. When they are happier at work, employees tend to be happier in the other aspects of their lives too. When you are satisfied with your job, you tend to experience greater levels of happiness for the rest of your life. The opposite is also true: When you are happier outside of work, you tend to be happier through your work experience.

Every day you make small decisions to engage or disengage from your work. In doing so, it is wise to be intentional in your approach and think about what true happiness is at work. Here's what it really means at work:


When people are happy at work, they often experience dedication, a feeling of hard work and commitment to their efforts. When you are loyal to a group or feel a certain level of loyalty to the organization, you gain dedication. Some of the happiest people are committed to doing good work. And even if you're not currently in a significant role, do your best and invest in getting the most out of the experience. That way, you not only feel more empowered and in control, but you also strengthen your credibility and relationships with others who know they can count on you.

This meaning is also felt by Joseph Andreas Giovani Halomoan as Reward Strategic Sr Specialist at TechConnect. He said “I feel happy working at TechConnect when I persevere in solving a problem or when I am conscientious about pointing out an issue and taking initiative to resolve it. By doing so, I not only feel more empowered and in control, but I also build my credibility and my relationships with others who know they can count on me.”


When we feel happier at work, we also tend to feel immersed. Immersion also helps you avoid comparison, which tends to sap the joy. Here's what it means for you: Immerse yourself in your work and avoid worrying about what others around you are doing. Be present and focused, avoid distractions like your phone and social media. When you work hard, make an effort, and learn, you will feel happier because you are developing your abilities and are stimulated by discovering new things. You are immersed in mastering something new.

Our Community Engagement Specialist, Elsa Aprina Maharani means happiness as immersion, as she told “I am more likely to feel happy when I’m learning something new or jump into a project that is outside my comfort zone or current areas of my expertise. For example, doing new roles from different industries but still in the organization. Because here at TechConnect I can expand my capabilities and stimulate myself by exploring new things. I am immersed in mastering something new.”


Another characteristic of happiness at work is feeling active and energetic. This energy tends to move in two directions: You may be energized by what you are doing and want to invest energy in it, or you may want to invest energy in something and be energized by that effort. Motivation can also come from the people around you. To foster this type of happiness, make sure to nurture your curiosity and your relationships. Ask yourself questions and research things you don't know. Curiosity is one of the most sought-after skills today. So, in addition to increasing your happiness, you will also develop your career.

In line with this meaning, Kamal Pasya as FADP Bath 5 feels the same thing like he said “For me, another characteristic of happiness at work is feeling vibrant and energized. TechConnect let me foster this kind of happiness. I experience an inclusive learning journey that nurtures both my happiness and curiosity to grow my career through Development Programs and platforms such as MyLearning that encourage me to learn new things.”


Often, a sense of purpose is fueled by a feeling that there is a greater vision outside of oneself. True purpose is also characterized by feeling like you are making a difference for real people, not just the company's bottom line. To add to the fun, clarify the meaning of your work and how it relates to the overall goals of the organization. Recognize your colleagues, knowing that you are contributing to a culture of appreciation from which you will also benefit. Pay attention to what your colleagues expect of you and follow it, knowing that your work will affect others.

As a purpose, happiness is also meant the same way by Our Finance & Adm Division Head, Roseline Juniwati Sadeli. She said “When I am happy, I am more likely to feel like my work matters and, even more, like I matter as well. And this tie between meaning and happiness can go both ways. I feel like my purpose is aligned with one of TechConnect’s Employee Value Proposition, where not only is performance about corporate results, but also making a difference to real people.”

Source: FastCompany

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