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Get To Know More About Project Mood Curve

The project mood curve is one of a tool that can help us to define our reality.

Maybe we've crossed or recognized "the path" when you are running a big project. Start a new project full of spirit, find roadblocks in the middle of the road, and end up stuck or maybe abandon the project that you worked so hard for.

When we dig more into the understanding and stages of the project mood curve, we can understand our emotions and give us hope through a hard time during the project.

The Project Mood Stages:

1. New Spirit & Excitement

The starting stage. Every time we start a project, we definitely have the best plan for one goal and big results in the end. We will start the project full of spirit, full of excitement, and a head full of creativity. All happy emotions will come out in this stage.

2. Facing The Reality

We already passed the honeymoon phase, it’s time to face the reality that there is a “whole” in our plan and not in accordance with our expectations. We are trying so hard to avoid this stage, but we have to go through it. We have to make our shortcomings become strengths to move forward.

3. Valley of Boredom

The stage where most people stop. If there are too many obstacles and can't find a way out, it will definitely make us bored to continue what was previously planned. We will be met with 2 choices, either quit or keep going. If we choose to quit or stop, we have to start over at the first stage. If you choose to keep going, stand up, and make a big change!

4. Time to Rise Up

In this stage, we already learned from our mistakes and rise from adversity. It’s time to process resolving conflict, building trust, and growing.

5. Finally, We Made It!

We finally reap the fruits of hard work with full happiness. We have achieved our big goal. We have also succeeded in adapting to the mood curve, refining our plan, and adapting to reality.

Once new goals arrive, always remember and implement each stage. We don’t have to be afraid to set a big goal. Because we already know what have to do, to get up and keep moving forward. Enjoy every process, and we will reach the higher goal!

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